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Dr. Stephen Kimberley, M.D.

Chief Science Officer, Dr. Stephen Kimberley, ensures that the science behind his products is proven, that formulas are based on research, and that ingredient quality is unmatched in the industry. All this takes place so you can rest assured that our products truly make a difference in your health and well-being.

Dr. Kimberley's Vision

Dr. Kimberley's passion for creating innovative herbal and nutraceutical formulations stems from over 30 years of experience as an internal medicine specialist in integrative and alternative medicine. For nearly 15 years, Dr. Kimberley also has served as Senior Editor for WebMD, the leading source of medical information on the web. In that time, he has developed over 50 diagnostic and health management tools and shared his extensive knowledge of natural ingredients and their powerful effect on wellness. Dr. Kimberley is a certified naturopath, he received a graduate degree in neurochemistry and biology from the University of Oregon, a medical degree from the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center, and completed his residency in internal medicine at UCLA's Kern Medical Center.

During his time as the Senior Editor of WebMD, Dr. Kimberly analyzed all of the symptoms that people were reporting for themselves, their children, and their elderly parents. There was a rapid increase in autoimmune disorders, Autism, ADHD, Cancer, Heart Disease, IBS, and mental health concerns in both adults and children. He recognized these increasing health struggles were accelerated by the lack of vitamins and minerals in our food supply. Our soils have been depleted of the vital nutrients that our bodies need for proper physical and cognitive function. Additionally, the foods that we do consume, are causing chronic inflammation in all of us. Chronic inflammation opens the doors to a plethora of health problems and diseases.

To combat the issue of a vitamin-depleted food supply, Dr. Kimberley created a three-part nutraceutical system. His CORE system (Q-Core) provides our missing vitamins and minerals, reduces chronic inflammation, rebuilds a healthy gut biome, and is formulated with methylated B vitamins and chelated minerals for maximum absorption. This is his answer and his vision, for a healthier population. 


                "We will never have the food supply that our grandparents once did. What the earth provides for us can truly harm or heal. It seems so simple, but yet it is everything." -Kelly Oliver 


We are here to help you on your journey to your best health. 

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